Supporters Club Purchase New Camera for Club

camcorder-1Following on from the contribution we made to grounds maintenance and changing room refurbishment over the summer, the supporters club has just purchased some more equipment for the squad.

This time, at the request of Gareth Llewellyn, we have Supporters Club Purchase New Camera for Clubpurchased a video camera for the squad.  The camera will allow the club to film games alongside the official WRU footage. The club’s camera will take in a wider view of the game to that supplied to the WRU and will allow the coaches to pin-point exactly which positions players are taking up in both attack and defence and make any adjustments if necessary.  The camera was used for the first time in the Ebbw Vale game last Saturday.

The purchase has come about as a result of the uptake in membership this season. At this early stage of the season our membership numbers continue to rise, with fans eager to help us to help the team. Remember, everything we make goes back into helping the team.

So, a big thank you to those who have joined, and if you haven’t yet, then please consider doing so. With your support we can continue to support the squad during the forthcoming campaign. Membership remains at just £10 for the season. If you want to join for then you can find us in the clubhouse lounge before and after every home game, including the Cardiff game on Saturday.

The more members we have, the greater our ability is to help the squad.

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