Neath Rugby Supporters Club now have an expanded range of merchandise for members to get their hands on.  With Christmas fast approaching now is the time to stock up.

All items are available to order from the supporters club table in the clubhouse at home games, and all money made by the sales of merchandise will be ploughed back in to the squad and help them purchase kit and equipment.

Polo Shirts – £10.00
(Children’s Polo shirts – £8.00)

Hoodies – £18.00
(Children’s Hoodies – £15)

Umbrella – £15
(52” storm proof umbrella)

Beanie Hats with embroidered badge  – £6.50
2 beanies

Mugs – £5.00


4 Responses to Shop

  1. margaret w says:

    Received a rugby shirt £49.99 paid for by pay pal money taken from my account 17 august 2015 now I have received an invoice for the same amount, i must say this is an expensive rugby shirt can you tell me what’s happened, many thanks

  2. Matthew Donaghue says:

    Hi. I live in Brisbane,Queensland, Australia. Was wondering how i go about ordering and paying for a supporters polo or two?


    Matthew Donaghue

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