Neath Rugby Supporters Club Make Donation to Club’s Ball Boys

Ballboys in their new bibsNeath Rugby Supporters Club has made its latest donation. The club’s ball boys were presented with new tabards to wear at games prior to Neath’s Prinicipality Premiership match with Aberavon on Boxing Day.

The supporters club was formed last summer with the intention of raising funds to buy equipment and kit for the Neath rugby squad and its support team. It forms the club’s second donation after previously presenting the squad with nutritional supplements earlier in the season.

A spokesman for Neath Rugby Supporters Club said “It is thanks to the generosity of our members that we have been able to make this donation to the ball boys. The money used to buy the tabards has come as a result of the merchandise, such as polo shirts and hoodies that we’ve been selling over the last couple of months”

The spokesman continued “We know how important it is having a group of committed and hard-working volunteers such as the ball boys and their co-ordinator, Andrew Ford at the club. We think it is important that when they go on the pitch to perform their duties they look smart and professional as they are representing the club and for this reason we were only too pleased to help them out.”

Ballboy co-ordinator Andrew Ford said “We are extremely grateful to Neath Rugby Supporters Club and their members for this donation. The boys are extremely hard working and are thrilled by the support they have received from the club’s fans.”

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