Neath Rugby Supporters Club Make Donation to Team

Projector presentationFollowing discussions with the team management, a projector has been purchased. The projector will help the squad with their pre-match analysis and enable video footage of games to be beamed from a laptop on to the dressing room wall.

The projector has been bought with funds raised as a result of the recent Neath v New Zealand 25th Anniversary event held at the clubhouse.

A spokesman for Neath Rugby Supporters Club said “The main reason for our existence is to raise funds that can help the Neath rugby team in any practical way. We discussed with the team management what we could do to help, and they asked if we could purchase them a projector. They said it will greatly assist them in reviewing previous games and analysing future opponents. We were only too happy to help.”

The spokesman continued “The projector was bought with funds raised as a result of the Neath v New Zealand 25th Anniversary celebrations held back in October. The evening was a great success and we want to thank everyone who attended. It is as a result of their support of the evening that we are now able to help the team in a practical way”

“It’s been another traumatic week off the field for Neath RFC, but amidst the turmoil the fans’ support of the team is unquestionable. The players are doing a fantastic job in continuing to play and turn in excellent performances despite the off field issues and hopefully this gift to them will help them improve even more,” added the spokesman.

The projector will be presented at the Bridgend game on Saturday.

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