Neath Rugby Supporters Club Draft Constitution

Neath Rugby Supporters ClubAt the recent Neath Rugby Supporters Club AGM it was agreed to draw up a constitution and to publish it to the website for members to be able to view it and to have their say on it.

The draft constitution is published below.  Any member who wishes to comment on it must do so by Monday 15th September 2014.  Comments should be e-mailed to together with your name and membership number.  Comments will only be accepted from NRSC members.

Also, the minutes from the AGM are also now available to NRSC members.  You can request a copy by e-mailing  Don’t forget to include your name and membership number.

Neath Rugby Supporters Club Constitution


  1. To provide activities and services for the benefit of those who support Neath Rugby Club and specifically:
    1. To organise and promote social facilities and activities
    2. To engage in fund-raising for the benefit of Neath Rugby Team and/or nominated charities
    3. To undertake other appropriate activities
  2. To promote the interests of supporters and foster constructive cooperation and mutual understanding through liaison with Neath Rugby Club and other relevant Bodies
  3. To support teams and players representing Neath Rugby Club both on and off the field
  4. To foster good relations with rugby supporters from other Clubs


  1. Membership of NRSC shall be open to all
  2. The membership year shall run from 1 September to 31 August
  3. An applicant for membership shall complete a membership form and pay the appropriate annual membership fee to a member of the Management Committee.
  4. The membership fee shall be reviewed annually and any changes shall be instigated once approved by the Management Committee
  5. The Management Committee has the right to refuse membership to any proposed member who it shall deem inappropriate to be a member, subject to the right of appeal to a committee comprising of three members of NRSC nominated by the Management Committee but who were not part of the original decision under appeal
  6. A register of NRSC members shall be kept by NRSC
  7. NRSC members must at all times behave in an orderly and acceptable manner. If they fail to do so the Management Committee may caution them as to their future conduct, suspend them for a period of time or expel from the NRSC, subject in all cases to a right to appeal to a committee comprising of three former members of the Management Committee.
  8. Members joining NRSC agree to be bound by the constitution, a copy of which will be made available on request from a member of the Management Committee.

Management Committee

  1. The activities of the NRSC shall be managed by a Management Committee comprising of between three and five adult members
  2. The quorum for a meeting of the Management Committee shall comprise three elected members
  3. The Management Committee shall meet as often as deemed appropriate
  4. In the absence of the Chairman of the Management Committee at any meeting, the Vice Chairman shall act as chairman for the meeting
  5. All matters presented to a Management Committee meeting may be determined by a simple majority of the Management Committee members voting thereon. In the case of a vote resulting in no majority, the chairman shall have the second casting vote
  6. The Management Committee shall have the power to co-opt other NRSC Members onto the Management Committee should the need arise
  7. Representatives of other organisations or individuals may on occasion be asked to attend Management Committee meetings but these persons shall not have voting rights and shall not be considered in determining whether a quorum exists
  8. Minutes shall be kept of all meetings

AGM & Appointment of Management Committee

  1. The Management Committee shall convene an Annual General Meeting.
  2. The AGM should take place during August of each year
  3. Only current members are eligible to attend the AGM
  4. At said AGM the Management Committee should seek to appoint for the upcoming year a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer
  5. Only Current NRSC Members are able to vote to appoint Management Committee Members
  6. Each potential Management Committee Member must be nominated and seconded
  7. From time to time, and always following a resignation of a Management Committee member NRSC members will be asked via the website and match programmes to apply for positions on the Management Committee
  8. All NRSC adult members are eligible to apply for positions on the Management Committee. NRSC members who were previously on the Management Committee shall be eligible to reapply for a position

Financial Management

  1. The Treasurer shall produce a statement of accounts, at the financial year end (31st July) to be presented to the members at the AGM
  2. The financial year of NRSC shall run from 1st August to 31st July each year


  1. In the event of the dissolution of the NRSC, any income or property remaining will be allocated to an Organisation or Charitable purpose of the Management Committee choosing

Changes to the Constitution

  1. Any alternations or additions to this Constitution shall only be made with the agreement of at least 75% of the members of the NRSC Management Committee,
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