The Black List: Rowland Phillips

Neath Rugby Supporters ClubThe next participant to go under Phill’s spotlight is Neath Director of Rugby Rowland Phillips!

Q. Hi Rowland and Welcome Home!! What’s your first rugby memory??
A. Watching Wales playing in the 70s and never thinking they could lose

Q. Who was your inspiration to get into rugby??
A. Gordon Richards and Ieuan Hughes…they started Mini Rugby at St Davids Rfc…where I started.

Q. Who were your rugby (or other sporting) heroes growing up?
A. Ray Gravell basically I admired the way he played 100% every time

Q. You have played against us for Treorchy before, but what about your best on-field memories?
A. There are so many..but I was always proud to play alongside Brian Williams and everything he did was a special on-field memory

Q. It must be good to be back at the Club after all the success in your previous spell, and abroad…
A. Neath is a special club.. I am proud to be back. As a player and a coach these opportunities have been a privilege

Q. What are your highlights during your career and what would you like the Team to achieve this year?
A. There are so many highlights as a player and a coach..but I admire the way Neath always punches above its weight..and wins things.

I would like the team to achieve its potential…with the right attitude and hunger then all options are open.

Q. Some quirky and quickfire questions… What’s the funniest thing you have seen on the field?!
A. Lyn Jones waving to the crowd (like the queens wave) as he was being stretchered off after braking his leg.

Q. Favourite and Worst Grounds?
A. Favourite Gnoll Worst….Batley (Rugby League)

Q. Toughest Opponent?
A. Wayne Sheford

Q. Biggest joker at Neath/Elsewhere?
A. Lyn Jones…..very sharp cookie!!! Very funny. (I think some people might say me)

Q. Favourite Meal/Drink
A. Steak…Blackcurrant and lemonade with ice..

Q. Any superstitions/Pre-match rituals?
A. None

Q. What’s your message for the Neath faithful for the coming season?
A. Read the above….I am passionate about this club and it has been a major part of shaping me and my life…I will do everything in my power to bring the success back to Neath rugby….I owe the club that!

Neath success has always been achieved by a collective effort so I ask the Neath faithful to continue your great support and together we will create more great memories at Neath RFC.

Thanks for your time Rowland and good luck to the boys on the field for an injury free and successful season, and off the field making the Blacks an exciting Brand once again!

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