Supporters’ End of Season Awards

AwardsWith the new season fast approaching, it’s probably worth just taking a quick look back at last season.

With no official end of season awards this year, it was left to users of the unofficial fans forum to to come up with their own awards.

A number of categories were suggested before fans put forward their favored players for the awards.  After totting up the votes the winners were:

Player of the Year: Lee Evans
Young Player of the Year: Luc Jones
Newcomer of the Year: Steffan Jones
Clubman of the Year: Dai Langdon

Whilst these awards were unofficial and mainly just for fun, it has been suggested that the Supporters Club organise a small award for the players, so that fans can show their appreciation for the players’ efforts.  So we (or more specifically Len) has come up with the design above which we hope to get made up on wooden plaques and present to the winning players in due course.

So it’s congratulations to Lee, Luc, Steffan and Dai and whilst these are just unofficial awards this season, we will hopefully develop things in to more recognised awards in future years.

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